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About us

Don’t let anyone tell you that breakfast for dinner isn’t okay. At Suzie’s Kitchen in Rosemount, MN, we encourage breakfast at any time. Whether it be our delicious omelets or legendary French toast, you can’t go wrong. If breakfast isn’t your cup of tea, we have scrumptious lunch dishes that will make your mouth water.

Our menu boasts a large selection of homemade comfort food with items such as our cheeseburgers, French toast, and delicious sandwiches. It doesn’t matter what meal you’re coming in for, you’ll always have the same result-a full belly and a great experience.
Our restaurant is a great place to bring the whole family. Since we make our restaurant like home, we provide a family-friendly environment with food that the kids will love. We haven’t met a kid that doesn’t love the French toast! We work hard to cook delicious and simple comfort food that makes people of all ages happy. Bring the family in for dinner today.